Dear colleagues and stakeholders,

The truth that the number of small animal clinics is increasing in our country and it’s a very pleasing development however, the expectations of our patients owners are becoming more specific… On the other hand, as a veterinarians, while trying to provide the best knowledge and provide services to our patients, our necessity to management of our clinic more professionally has become inevitable. Our clinics or our hospitals should be less stressful and a place where they feel better for our patients, we are all aware that this situation not only affects the psychological status of our cats and dogs also affects their medical health directly.

By making simple touches to our clinics, it is bring to our relations with patients and patient owners to a more professional line and to ensure that the clinical staff are in more effective communication in our hands... Clinics in competetion with each other to provide faster and more efficiently service to their patients and patient owners all around the world…We wanted to share our experiences and enlighten each other's way for spend more quality time with our patients and to make our work that we working on this subjects all the time more visible.We decided to realize the I. International Veterinary Practice Management and Business Administration Congress in Istanbul on 27-29 February 2019 in order to close the existing deficit in veterinary clinical management in our country Turkey. To get a more efficient clinical management, to take a closer look at and to strengthen communication with the triangle of the patient /patients owner / veterinarian, to provide a clinic where our patients will be more comfortable and happy, to work in harmony and happiness with our staff, to provide more reliable legal service and to ensure patients satisfaction we are very honored and pleased to invite you to our congress.

In the cause of manage a more efficient and powerful clinics we would be very happy to see all our colleagues at our congress.
With our professional respect and greetings...

Prof. Dr. Ebru YALÇIN
Co-chair of the Congress
Uludag University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
President of Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Dear congress participants and dear colleagues,

Developments to be provided on the basis of economic success and quality services have great importance for the management of veterinary clinics in which the competitive environment is gradually becoming more intense. As in the developed countries, managerial strategies and business studies in line with management principles take place on the top in the subjects which has current and special importance for the management of clinics in our country in recent years. Within this scope, institutionalization in clinics, cost minimization, income-generating transactions and applications, improvements aimed at patient and patient owner, financial analysis, work plans, investment projects, legislation, and ethical principles, efficiency in personnel and resource utilization, economic planning and control in management, clinical technologies and software, and stock management are the main subjects that become prominent.

‘‘I. International Veterinary Practice Management and Business Administration Congress’’ will be taking place on February 27-28, 2020 in our ancient city Istanbul with its unique beauty. Besides, it will be the first congress in Turkey in terms of scope and topics to be discussed in presentations and there will be speakers from Turkey and abroad who are qualified in this field as well.

It will be a pleasure and honor to meet you at ‘‘I. International Veterinary Practice Management and Business Administration Congress’’. We consider it as a platform and organization in which important information and research results will be shared effectively for the management of veterinary clinics and pet animal veterinary practice. Best regards. Looking forward to see you.

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz ARAL
Co-chair of the Congress
Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Animal Health Economics and Management